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My choice of animal is the Elephant because it is universally recognisable and because it symbolises fidelity, strength, wisdom. It expresses values that are ​​applicable to companies such as unwavering loyalty.


José Luis Campos Rosique

CEO Crystalzoo

José Luis Campos Rosique obtained his degree in Architecture at the ETSA School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. His “Local Health Centre” won the End Degree Project Prize, awarded by the Department of Social Services. He has a Master of Architecture from the University of Alicante. He is a founding partner of Grupo Aranea. Within this group he won, together with José Vicente Lillo and Francisco Leiva, the FOPA award for Best Public Work in Alicante in 2005 for the Library of San Vicente del Raspeig; their Project for the Gijón Thalassotherapy Centre was part of the New York’s MoMA collective Architecture exhibition in 2006, and “On Site 06”, in Madrid. They obtained the FAD award for the Best Constructed Work in Spain for the RAFAL secondary school building, coming second in EUROPAN 7 Luarca and EUROPAN 8 Sintra and Ceuta. The book zombiTour_00 was published in 2006. It summarises the work of José Luis Campos Rosique and the Aranea Group since its inception, from 2003 to 2006.

That year he founded his own architectural brand, CRYSTALZOO, based on the idea of a studio as a forum for debate and multidisciplinary collaboration. Different concepts and individual skills come together, enriching the whole. The catalogue of the Madrid and Catalonia College of Architects has included CRYSTALZOO among the 5 best architecture firms in Alicante province and among the 300 best studios in Spain each consecutive year since 2011. In 2016, the Generalitat Valenciana and the Provincial Council of Alicante published a monograph book that collects the best CRYSTALZOO projects since the studio’s inception.





My choice of animal is the Rhinoceros for its majesty and because it represents trust, security and stability.

Ivón Fernández Muñoz

Quantity Surveyor and Technical Director

Ivón Fernández Muñoz obtained his Technical Architect Degree from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, with a Master of Building Installations and a Specialist diploma in Building Restoration and Conservation.

He was the Technical architect of Grupo Aranea from its beginnings until 2006, the year in which he set up CrystalZoo together with José Luis Campos. Within the firm he fulfils the joint roles of Technical Director, collaborating in project drafting, and Director of Execution as well as Health and Safety Coordinator of CRYSTALZOO works. Worthy of note is his participation both in private work and the following public projects: the Medical Specialties Centre and Day Centre, El Captivador Environmental Education Centre, El Tossal Social Centre, La Casilla Multipurpose Building, the LAB Business Laboratory and the Football and Athletics Stadium, all in La Nucía (Spain). Other works include: the Rehabilitation of the Old Headquarters of the Alicante Bus Station, the Mutxamel Espai Jove Youth Centre, and the Rehabilitation of the Hondón de las Nieves Town Hall.

Notable interventions outside CrystalZoo include his participation as the Site Manager of works on Alicante’s Islamic Centre.




The chameleon is a symbol of transformation and versatility. In this way he is calm and patient, adapting to the environment and habitat, to the broad range of schemes and scales, observing and studying, seeking the adjusted solution.


Juan Parra Sánchez

Head of Office

Juan Parra Sánchez obtained his degree in Architecture at the ETSA School of Architecture of the University of Alicante, specialising in “Built Heritage Theory and Intervention projects”. He is a Specialist in “Interior Design. Design and Construction of Interior Spaces”, “Restoration and Conservation of Buildings “and” Design and Assembly of Artistic Exhibitions”.

He initially collaborated with the firms Clavel Arquitectos in Murcia, Emilio Vicedo Arquitectos, and that of Paco Mejías. He joined the Crystalzoo team in 2007 where he participated, among others, in the competition for the CEBT EUREKA Office Building (winning the 1st prize). His current role is Head of Office. Worthy of note, he developed and managed, among others, the projects of the CEM El Captivador Environmental Education Centre, the El Tossal Social Centre, the Administrative Extension of Bello Horizonte, the LAB_Nucía Centre for Technological Innovation, the Hondón de las Nieves Town Hall, and the Football and Athletics Stadium in the Camilo Cano de La Nucía sports complex.


My animal is the Kangaroo, for its powerful and balanced appearance, its speed and efficient movements, for its shy but also sociable nature, and for its ability to take responsibility for the group.

Pepa Ortega Crespillo

Senior Architect

Pepa Ortega Crespillo obtained her degree in Architecture at the ETSA School of Architecture of the University of Alicante. Her End-of-Degree Project was selected for the End-of-Degree exhibition “AeA PFC architecture exhibition 2003/2009”. Intuitive and committed to architecture, she began to collaborate as a student with various studios, notably “Figueira and Mejias arquitectos”, both professors from the University of Alicante. Open-minded, she is also highly interested in the project process, in the creation of versatile programmes, in hybrid spaces and in evolutionary or regeneration opportunities.

Upon completion of her university studies, she collaborated as an architect with various Spanish firms: Estudio Torres Nadal, 030 Estudio, and internationally, with: Camillin & Denny (UK), in which she contributed to a wide range of projects, competitions and works, in and outside Spain.

She began her collaboration with CRYSTALZOO in 2014, where she works as a project designer and construction manager. Worthy of note is her participation in the renovation of the quarters of the Diario Información e Información TV, in the Gestoria LLoret or in contract, for the new interior design brand Love Story and in the Rehabilitation of the Imperial Baths of Allon.


The Boar is a wild, hybrid animal, whose imperfection is beautiful. It is neither fine nor aggressive, and it feeds on anything. It doesn’t need much. Its body is ready to charge if necessary, but it prefers to run around with its pack at night under the trees (mindful of any noise), sniffing the air and rummaging for truffles and other pleasures.

Mikel Amiano Valera


Mikel Amiano Valera obtained his degree in Architecture at the ETSA School of Architecture of the University of Alicante and began as an intern in Architectural Projects. His End-of-Degree Project was shown at the end-of-degree project PFC Exhibition 2002/2015″. His main interest is living spaces as privileged places for social communication, among the multiple facets of culture. He has worked in illustration, art, music and scenic creation for years.

As an architect, he has collaborated with the firms: DJArquitectura, Barbarela Studio and Estudio Torres Nadal. With these firms, he focused on a wide range of works: architecture competitions, public cultural proposals, events, industrial prototypes, graphic design, and landscape projects, among others. In 2017, he started to collaborate with CRYSTALZOO where he developed the Upcycling of the new University of Alicante sports offices, the sports pavilion of La Nucía and that of Busot, the rehabilitation and Expansion of the Hondon Town Hall and the Ibi Intergenerational Residence, among others.