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An open space to discuss CrystalZoo realisations and projects relating to current or past Public Participation processes, involving contracting entities or regulated Landscape or Environmental issues, in accordance with current legislation.

Access to environmental plans, programmes and documentation.

Suggestions and observations, to be taken into account.

Interventions in the assessment of environmental ensembles and landscape units.


We first present the results of the non-regulated Citizen Participation process, which unfolded in Alicante’s Historical Centre neighbourhood, in order to establish the needs of the population, public bodies and that of the city itself based on its cultural, sociological, historical, environmental and tourist characteristics.

In-depth field work was conducted: we held sectoral meetings with shop-owners, residents, social agents, historians, cultural managers and stakeholders. First, the various interests, proposals and suggestions were gathered. They were then processed and later redefined following the open meetings held within the municipal building “El Claustro”, in which the different observations and proposals of the attendees were brought together.


The first outcome of the first Citizen Participation process was the “Casal de la Juventud de Novelda”, the Novelda Youth Centre. Stakeholder citizens gathered over several sessions and expressed their interest in setting up a multipurpose site, through participatory budgets, giving the population’s youth an alternative choice of leisure time to the botellón (outdoor drinking gatherings).

In this way, facilities of open access to the population were created as a centre for youth operations, in which the management of areas and resources plays a key role. The programme was completed with a series of classrooms, rehearsal rooms, a Recreation Room for preadolescents as well as premises to be freely used by Youth Associations.