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2011 La NUCÍA (Alicante)

social community centre
el tossal

Urban geography treatises describe how traditional forms of settlement in big cities are being replaced by new projects that modify the neighbourhood relationships of the counterurbanites. The latter are former city-dwellers who have abandoned the centres of large cities and who are migrating to rural areas for a variety of reasons. A space of social relations and coexistence is being created based on the idea of ​​extrapolating the successful areas of urban centres to counteract the individualisation of the rural world. A recognisable and appropriable landmark, acting as a distinguishing sign of neighbourhood associations that is self-managed, saving the municipality costly maintenance expenses.

Taking advantage of the existing hillside, we created a viewpoint area near the urban centre of La Nucía, lodged in the hill. Were thus generated three spaces for events: an upper section for winter that serves as a welcome area; a second area, under the building itself for use in summer, taking advantage of the square connected to the pine forest and the shade offered by the building itself; and the third interior area, serving as an assembly hall, that is self-managed by the residents in the area. Inside, the yellow colour of That Yellow Bastard by Frank Miller fills it all, and at night, it colours our favourite cheese, hinting at the nearby Dutch community.


Social, Contract, Rural, Landscape




Alicante Provincial Council, La Nucia City Council.

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