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2019 La NUCÍA (Alicante)


The proposal for the “La Nucía” Sports Pavilion consisted of a single free-standing volume that meets all the project requirements. It resembles a mountain that emerges from the ground, seeking to merge with the landscape, while being a site of reference for the municipality. Indeed, the original idea was a versatile site directed towards physical education, school sports, recreational sports as well as local federation sport training and competitions. It also had to allow for a change of usage, and hold trade fairs, large-format commercial exhibitions and medium-sized events. We designed the possibility of freeing two extremities of the field via a workable enclosure that allows the opening of the building. In this way, new outdoor sports and recreational spaces can be generated, serving as an extension of the track itself and allowing for more flexible space configurations.

To create the mountain feeling, we used construction materials of a more massive nature in the lower section, reinforcing this idea of ​​a single block anchored in the ground, and other lighter ones in the upper section, such as opal cellular polycarbonate that allows nuanced light to enter the pavilion’s interior. At night, this installation gives rise to a whole system of light from the inside that turns the pavilion into a landmark or beacon perceptible from the entire sports complex.




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Ayto. La Nucía / Excma. Diputación de Alicante.

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