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2009 La NUCÍA (Alicante)

Municipal administrative extension

Due to the explosion of the real estate bubble and the banking crisis, the unemployment rate in Spain leapt from 8.6% to 25.77%. Social movements emerged, demanding a democratic renewal and former urbanites migrated to rural areas far from city centres. Faced with this situation, the city council decided to propose buildings that would bring public services closer to these new residents, generating a new public space for its citizens. The building connects with its environment. It is far removed from official, crude architecture, and conveys a more friendly feel by hybridising the social and administrative dimensions, generating a space of social confluence. Looking to optimise the investment of public money, we addressed the minimum requirements following a radial functional diagram around the main hall. To reduce costs, the building was directly erected at the foundation level, giving a major role to the roofs, since as one approaches the building, one is always above the cornice level.

As a political hint, the building is consistent with the moment of crisis, it crouches, trying not to attract any attention through its height. The quality of the interior element of surprise, however, is not lost. Hexagonal ceramic pieces cover the entire building, generating a vegetal pattern, reminiscent of the Mediterranean bushes in the area. It introduces the best vistas, maintaining a direct contact with citizens’ daily reality.


Administrative, Social, Rural




Generalitat Valenciana

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