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When Luisi called back to make a new home in the same building as in the previous renovation, the first reaction was to propose the same solution, but with different finishes. The same requirements, the same client, the same vistas and orientations, a priori, the answer was the same solution. But after living in the house, Luisi wished to make a series of changes, based on new trends, looking for new atmospheres. For the first home, we had chosen a contemporary pre-industrialised technological environment. This time, we opted for an industrial loft-type space since the structure could be left visible.

Unlike in the previous solution, where sought to create surprise effects, with hidden spaces behind the Polycarbonate walls. Here, everything would be visible from the beginning. Sliding glass walls and curtains would divide the rooms within the same space. The approach consisted of generating two statement furniture blocks: a white piece that welcomes you upon entering the home, concealing the kitchen, which goes unnoticed as a large reception piece within the whole; and a second larger piece that contains the kitchen storage, the bathroom and bedroom wardrobes within the same solution. In this way, by contrast, we brought about the experiential solution of a space where the main protagonists are the ficus trees, whose leafy tops flood the home and the views of the sea across the port. Such vistas can be contemplated when sitting on the strategically placed sofa.

The lush vegetation of the ficus trees floods the whole space, generating an incomparable, uplifting setting. As in the previous project, the requirements were simple: a bedroom, a toilet, a living room, a kitchen and a study area. All came together within the same space, except for the bathroom that was hidden between the cupboard doors. The rest forms a whole. The aged noble wood elements run through the home. We played with two tones, the kitchen white and the study furniture, forming the corner and entrance, and the anthracite beams, cabinets and carpentry, neutral colours that enhance the green of the leaves and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea.


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