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2019 ALTEA


Our initial conversations with María led us to conclude that a brand restyling was necessary together with the renovation, so we proposed a global answer. The renovation would come with a change of concept and image and we would thus achieve a coherent solution encompassing the brand, the renovation and the contract. We surrounded ourselves with remarkable collaborators whom we coordinated: GALVAÑ for the furniture, JL DESIGN for the auxiliary furniture and NACHO for the brand.

We adopted the same approach as always. We sought to differentiate the administration Agency, so we analysed the competition, not only in Altea but also at the provincial level. With these data and the client’s profile, we developed a concept of what they wished to represent, their new image. The objective was to attract new clients and to build a greater capacity, while maintaining the friendly and empathic approach the agency had always adopted. The objective was to convey an image of professionalism and sophistication, infused with a more modern and somewhat more aggressive approach.

We worked on the interior skin as a storage space for all the A-Z filing, leaving gaps that connected the spaces. The different elements necessary to run the Agency and the beautiful things that they liked to keep could be displayed and stored. In this way, with a single detail, we solved the question of interior image and space functionality. We opened the façade to the street, transmitting the idea of transparency and ensuring the confidentiality of the work by means of the yellow vinyl. Yellow, the colour of the brand, is diffused, allowing for clear vision inside and opacity from the outside. It acts as a frame, highlighting the noble flooring materials and the backlit ceiling which changes colour following the mood of the Lloret Agency’s staff.


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