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When Estefanía called us to have a look at the home she wished to buy, we told her that it had a great potential due to its size, but that it was very dark—despite its two large patios that most of the rooms gave onto. The challenge was to produce a new, bright space and to give some new meaning to the corridors that occupied 20% of the surface of the dwelling. After analysing the project requirements, a home with three bedrooms, a study, an ironing room, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room, we opted for two solutions that defined the rest of the layout. First, the bedroom walls would be translucent in order to let the rooms’ light into the circulation elements. And second, the corridor would be multi-purpose, so that the large number of square meters that had to be allocated to reaching the last bedrooms had a second utility. For this, we made the kitchen’s and living room’s internal circulation space coincide with that of the corridor’s, with a running shelf and most of the home’s storage space. In the same way, we played with translucent skins, that had the effect of widening the rooms into the corridor, creating hallway space and studies. Thus, by breaking the corridor, the meters used for circulating merge with the rooms’ surface area. Rather than a linear element, the corridor becomes sinuous, interrelating the living room, the kitchen, the hallways and the study, leaving out the most intimate rooms. The corridor’s light accompanies us, generating a dynamic moiré effect due to the diffraction of light through the plastic cells that illuminate the home’s industrial parquet, highlighted by the tiled flooring zones that frame the different usages within the circulatory flow of Estefanía’s new home. The furniture recommended by Galvañ Muebles and the small Love Story objects were the crowning features that completed the home.



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