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2009 La NUCÍA (Alicante)

Environmental Centre
cem el captivador

In 1609, Philip III ordered the expulsion of the Moors from Spain. Many took up arms and those who survived were taken to mountains near Altea, where they were held captive, facing the sea, in a place that has since been known as El Monte El Captivador

The multipurpose complex seeks to de-seasonalise tourism through a continuous cultural offer based on the Idealisation of the Countryside. Located in a municipal park and taking advantage of the synergies of the Sant Vicent pilgrimage, the project led to the reinterpretation of the constructions existing in the area, such as the Marina Baixa riurau (a rural building with arches) or the land’s anthropization with its terraces.

The first environmental solution was to bury our architecture in the terraces, highlighting one building only. This idea directly derived from a reflection on vernacular buildings and their materials. The main hall is located on the platform, and its geometry is defined by the protected, century-old olive trees, which define the outline. Inside, in contrast to the heavy, external stone walls and shutters, we sought to create lightness and surprise through weightless, completely white spaces, following the imagery of George Lucas’s film THX. In this way, we recall the captivating glances at the sea that have never left us.


Cultural, Landscape, Teaching, Rural




Generalitat Valenciana.

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