Driving school

Originally, the surface area of the Altea driving school was shared by two businesses, managed by two brothers: an administration Agency and the driving school itself. The idea, initially, was to continue sharing the space, but as we advanced in the project, we eventually had to explain that despite representing an interesting challenge, the target customers were too different to be compatible. Some customers would be aged 17 or 18 years old, in full hormonal bloom, while adult clients would be coming to the administration Agency, keeping a watchful eye and in many cases, asking for discretion regarding their own business. We thus advised them to separate their businesses and this turned out to be a key success factor.

We designed the Driving School seeking competitive differentiation. Having analysed the customer base, we designed the space as a party room, that was dynamic, fun and transgressive. It was entirely directed towards attracting potential customers; as we explained to Jaume, we were not designing for him, nor for us. The customers had a different profile and the new Altea Driving School was designed for them. We worked with backlit polycarbonates that accompany the user from the very entrance, highlighted with the iconic red tufted sofa, reminiscent of the old Ford T seats. Reusing traffic signs as table- tops and playing with the reflections of the lights and signage, we shaped a new space that has received the 2017 award for Educational Excellence and has increased the number of users by 35% thanks to its renovation.


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