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2019 Alicante

Diario Información
Digital fusion

How should we approach a fusion of concepts? The audiovisual digital world versus a paper format. Rethinking its digital transformation. This was one of the first questions we asked ourselves when facing the challenge posed by the fusion of Alicante’s Información TV (the television news channel) with the editorial office of the Diario Información newspaper.

The project was based on the idea of a new beginning: a universe of possibilities that should form a meaningful whole. Hence the pixelization of space. The inclusion of a space with such a strong presence had to convey a big change for everyone. But not only on an aesthetic level. A programmatic change too. Television establishes its own schedules and programmes, which are distinct from those fixed in the newsroom. Moreover, the merger would modify the flows and expand the number of visitors, increasing the newsroom’s public visibility. It was clear to us that we had to take advantage of this: the television studio added to the newsroom presented synergies, we could not overlook how both worlds enhanced each other.

The concept arose from a new common language generated between both worlds. We designed a cubic pattern, a visual pixelization proper to our times on two different scales. The first scale is a floor mosaic that accompanies us as we circulate, interplaying with its counterpart on the ceilings, where it disintegrates under natural light. The second is a programmatic dimension, where the pixels form a system of glass boxes that separate the newsroom from the flows, hermetic multipurpose boxes through which we can view the newsroom through filters, including the editorial staff at work themselves. A system of coloured and wooden capsules that modulate the space, generating spaces for relationships, rest and leisure in the interstices.

These programmatic pixels can only be accessed from inside the newsroom, thus allowing the management of their use and entrance to the workspace. The system is prolonged to the television studio where the last boxes are the television control areas.

We played with the synergies between both worlds. Television is turned towards the newsroom. From the news studio, the camera shots show the heart of the group, the newsroom, the driving force, our point of pride. A large window connects both spaces in a continuous visual whole. Furthermore, the newsroom gains attention and smartens up because it will be the centre of attention, both from viewers and the influx of personalities from the world of politics, culture and the economy. The latter pass through the television set daily, catching glimpses of how a major newspaper such as Diario Información cooks up the information.

The programmatic pixelization rotates, protecting the newsroom and the TV studio. The area gains more of a public nature, the reception becomes more dynamic, as it controls flows coming from the newspaper, the television and the Diario Información club. In the future, the configuration will spill out into outdoor spaces, and will generate the newspaper’s and television channel’s new image, ultimately becoming Grupo Información.


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